Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists.

Everyone knows by now that Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) has two types of terrorists. Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists.

Bad Terrorists attack UK citizens, armed forces and UK interests around the world and must be ruthlessly hunted down. HMG expects co-operation from governments around the world in apprehending and stopping Bad Terrorists from carrying out their foul deeds. e.g. The Real IRA and Al-Quaeda.

A Bad Terrorist – he mainly kills Westerners

Good Terrorists can live and operate in the UK as long as they don’t attack UK citizens, armed forces or UK interests worldwide. HMG will not co-operate with legitimate governments wishing to pursue and extradite UK-based Good Terrorists. e.g. India fighting Sikh & Kashmiri terrorists and Sri Lanka fighting the LTTE.

A Good Terrorist – he mainly kills non-Westerners

Sometimes Good Terrorists can become Bad Terrorists, but HMG would rather not talk about that.

When HMG aids and abets in the torture and illegal detention of Bad Terrorists, this is a sad but necessary part of fighting the evil of terrorism.

When Sri Lanka aids and abets in the torture and illegal detention of Good Terrorists, this is a terrible affront to universal Human Rights and a dreadful indictment on the poor governance standards expected from Third World countries.

Clear, now?

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