Screamadelica – Worshipping at the Church of Primal Scream

Kensington Olympia London, 26th November 2010

As Primal Scream raced toward track no. 7 on their 1991 album ‘Screamadelica’, (being played in its entirety and in order) I witnessed more than just another gig. It was a religious event for believers and atheists alike.

The opening lines to ‘Loaded’ floated into the audience, “Just what is it that you want to do?”, ecstatic delirium barely describes the our reaction. We know the words (and the lyrics to this track aren’t long or complicated) and as one, thousands shout out every word.

Almost every hand in the audience goes up in supplication waiting to receive benediction from Bobbie Gillespie, looking as thin and fragile as ever. The sound was muddy, the guitar muffled through excess bass and vocals disappearing and re-appearing as if in a weird Doppler effect experiment. Was the mixing desk being manned by a special needs trainee?

Primal Scream in full flight, London 26th November 2010

Despite these barriers, the ghosts of a thousand conferences on marketing synergies, value-added propositions, vision and other business bullshit were exorcised from the Olympia Kensington (a poor music venue) by the pure musical brilliance of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica.

The final track, ‘Come together’ was never more apt. After the concert ended without an encore, the crowds exited, dancing and spontaneously bursting into elongated bursts of “Come Together,  As One”.

If you have any feeling for music, don’t wait. Go see them now.

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