Antony Loewenstein – Biased Hack and Fluffer for Tamil Eelam

Antony who claims to be an “independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian, photographer and blogger” is an accomplished Fluffer* for Eelam.

*[A Fluffer is used on porn films to keep the male actors ready for action before filming of scenes requiring erections.]

His claim to be “independent” is easily disproved. He loves the ‘Tamils’ but obviously not those Tamils unlucky enough to have disagreed with the LTTE’s irredentist, racist ideology and paid for it with their lives. On Planet Loewenstein, pushing for Tamil Eelam (a racially exclusive statelet similar to that fervently sought by White Nationalists), supersedes all other beliefs.He’s uncharacteristically silent on whether this is a good or bad thing.

Loewenstein and Prabha - it could've happened, if Prabha had survived his Axe Juggling lessons.

He was a committed advocate of the boycott of the  2011 Galle Literary Festival (GLF) on the grounds of insufficient free speech in Sri Lanka. He doesn’t explain how the cause of free speech in Sri Lanka is best served by preventing writers from speaking freely at a literary festival.

Antony was ‘honoured’ to participate in this oxymoronic boycott of free speech. Anybody who disagreed with Antony’s position on the righteousness of the GLF boycott is a ‘nationalist’, even when they include Sri Lankan human rights and civil society activists, who hate the ‘N’ word. Despite Antony’s best efforts, the GLF (26th to 30th January) was a huge success.

Authors and their audience being ruthlessly 'Book Genocided' at the GLF

The Sri Lankan state is naturally a ‘genocidal regime’ simply because it utterly crushed the LTTE’s military capability. It is also a “brutal, repressive ‘police state,” because it hasn’t relaxed its security posture after a brutal and bruising 30-year conflict.

Sri Lanka Army T-55s committing 'Beach Genocide' against innocent Eelam sand in Chalai.

Antony also says “well done” in support of pro-LTTE, West-based diaspora’s boycott of Sri Lankan garments in the UK. How this boycott is supposed to improve the economic well-being of the poorest segments of Sri Lankan society (including Tamils from the war-torn North & East, now beginning to re-build their livelihoods), whilst simultaneously punishing the Sri Lankan government, Antony is unable to discuss.

The three stages of Prabha; from hero to zero


Antony can’t but help loving and fluffing for the LTTE. “The Tamil struggle for justice and self-determination is a cause that should be supported by all citizens of good faith. Like the disenfranchised Palestinians, Tamil stories should resonate around the world”

And what does Antony have to say about the tens of thousands of Sri Lankans murdered by the LTTE during their futile quest for a racially exclusive separate state? Nothing.


What is a Fluffer?

Fluffers for terrorist groups come in many guises, but they all have some key attributes.

–      They’re not from the same ethnic groups as the terrorists,

–      They never take risks with their own lives,

–      They’re usually a long way away from the terrorist’s area of operations,

–      They use ‘human rights’ to defend the terrorist’s activities.

The LTTE, one of the world’s most brutally effective terrorist groups was supported by a legion of West-based Fluffers. Although the military capability of the LTTE was crushed in May 2009,  the LTTE Fluffers continue to operate freely, doing their part to keep the group’s racist ideology alive.

11 Responses to Antony Loewenstein – Biased Hack and Fluffer for Tamil Eelam

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  2. J. Muthu says:

    Lowenstein speaks the truth!! Eelam Tamils will never forget the Sinhala barbarists. We will continue to remind the world about your crimes. Thanks ANtony!

    • Mango says:

      Hi Muthu,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Your leader Antony is fighting tirelessly for Eelam! I fear however it will be a long, futile and wasted struggle. Good luck!

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  5. You may be wondering where Antony L has been gathering his rhetoric about Sri Lankan:
    He is part of a steering committe for an activist group called The Sri Lankan Campaign.

    It is worth noting that the same names on this steering committee have similar attitudes to Antony.

    • Mango says:

      Interesting that the activists group includes only one Lankan and noted experts on SL (not) like Bianca Jagger and all-purpose, rent-a-whiner, Chomsky.

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