Joan Ryan – ex Labour MP and Fluffer for Eelam

What does a Labour Party MP do after losing her seat at the 2010 General Election? Get hired as the Chief Executive of The Global Tamils Forum, a front group for a variety of pro-LTTE groups.

Joan would've loved to have met Prabha

On 3rd December, Joan filed an application on behalf of the GTF in London for an arrest warrant against Maj. Gen. Gallage of the Sri Lanka Army, alleging that he had committed “war crimes”. Joan has not yet filed any “war crimes” charges against senior British politicians responsible for launching the 2nd Iraq War.

Joan was the MP for Enfield North (a part of London with a significant Sri Lankan Tamil population) from 1997 until her tiny majority of 1,920 votes was overturned in the 2010 General Election. During her time as MP she assiduously promoted the cause of Eelam in Sri Lanka. She is an untiring Fluffer for Eelam.

Joan’s Voting Record:

As an elected MP and later as a Minister, she was a vehement critic of the Sri Lankan Government’s legitimate war against the racist secessionists of the LTTE. Joan worried about civilian casualties, accused the Sri Lankan government of a ‘genocidal war’, wanted Sri Lanka suspended from the Commonwealth and most amusingly, in 2008 as the Sri Lankan armed forces closed in on the LTTE, wanted Sri Lanka to sue for peace.

Joan Ryan loved the Iraq War

Hypocritically, she voted for the UK’s participation in the 2nd Iraq War. Even more hypocritically, despite being strongly opposed to Sri Lanka’s Anti-Terrorism Laws, Joan Ryan voted for the UK’s strict Anti-Terrorism Laws which include indefinite detention and detention without trial.

Joan has simultaneously managed to oppose White racists in the UK who demand whites-only areas and support Tamil racist terrorists in the UK who demand a Tamil-only state in Sri Lanka. Joan is an accomplished practitioner of Doublethink, which we all know means the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.

Doublethink explained

Joan Ryan’s reward for her extraordinary services in Fluffing for Eelam is the cushy, well-paid job heading the GTF, funded by the LTTE’s vast financial reserves, a significant portion of the which was derived from drug smuggling, people smuggling, weapons sales, extortion, credit card fraud and identity theft.

Joan used to be a Home Office minister with special responsibilities for nationality, citizenship and immigration. I think this needs repeating: an ex-Labour Minister responsible for securing the UK’s borders is now heading a terrorist front organization with unmatched expertise in illegal immigration and people smuggling.

Nice work, Joan.


What is a Fluffer?

Fluffers for terrorist groups come in a variety of guises, but they all have some key attributes.

–      They’re not from the same ethnic groups as the terrorists,

–      They never take risks with their own lives,

–      They’re usually a long way away from the terrorist’s area of operations,

–      They use ‘human rights’ to defend the terrorist’s activities.

The LTTE one of the world’s most brutally effective terrorist groups was supported by a legion of West-based Fluffers. Although the military capability of the LTTE was crushed in May 2009, the LTTE’s Fluffers continue to operate freely, doing their part to keep the group’s racist ideology alive.

7 Responses to Joan Ryan – ex Labour MP and Fluffer for Eelam

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  3. Adam Pipe says:

    I think your whole article is full of rubbish and has no common sense or logic to it.

  4. Mango says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for that. Which particular part of this post is most ‘rubbish’? 🙂

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  7. Lion says:

    That picture is the dumbest photoshoped pic ever….

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