Today on Planet Loewenstein….

Antony promotes the creation of an ethnically exclusive statelet, fit only for Tamils to inhabit, cleansed (a sort of ‘Judenrein’) of other, lesser races. This fantasy was to be achieved by gaining ‘Tamil independence’.

News has yet to reach Planet Loewenstein that all hopes of establishing that dream/nightmare state ended in May 2009 after 30 years of failure by the LTTE to achieve its aims. Look and learn at how wars end – the ceremonial silencing of their guns by the Sri Lanka Army.

The Tamil commentary starts at 1:52 – watch for the final MBRL salvo being fired at 4:15. Your friends in the fantasy world of Transsexual Intergalatic Government of Tamil Eelam can translate for you.

Antony reluctantly admits to some ‘minor failings’ (human rights abuses committed by the Tigers) by the LTTE, without following that through to its logical conclusion, which is this:

However justified the LTTE struggle was, after the state-inspired anti-Tamil race riots and murders in 1983, the LTTE destroyed all other Tamil groups, (on the LTTE menu: hanging, beheading or burning alive – which would you have preferred?), murdered everyone who offered an alternative to violence and refused to compromise. The LTTE became the problem and the Sri Lankan government and people eventually solved the problem. Permanently.

The imaginary state of Eelam now issues ID cards

Now, the pro-LTTE diaspora who didn’t come to fight for Eelam when Fat Boy Prabha needed them most tries to keep the struggle alive. The best they could do was to get their kids playing with toy mortars and guns in Switzerland instead of using real guns in Sri Lanka, which was left to the forcibly conscripted Tamil children unfortunate enough to live in ‘Eelam’.

Kids and guns - guess which are real?

In the last days of the war, if you were a 12-year-old Tamil child, you were old enough to fight and die. “Considerable numbers of the dead [are] child soldiers. The youngest was around 12. Truly a magnificent performance by the LTTE, no? Do be sure to mention that at the next ‘Tamil Independence’ meeting you attend.

Antony and other LTTE groupies appear ignorant of a basic rule of insurgencies. You’ve got to be there on the ground to create a violent insurrection. Insurgencies can’t be outsourced to play-acting in Swiss town halls, Facebook groups and Twitter feeds. Their last, best hope to achieve Eelam is through ‘war crimes’ and Wikileaks. From the latter we’re shocked (just shocked) to learn that the Sri Lankan government used nasty, sneaky methods like deniable paramilitaries against the LTTE.

The war is over, Sri Lanka won and Eelam lost. Get used to it.

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