Gangstagrass – the lovechild of hip-hop & bluegrass?

It shouldn’t work, it couldn’t work, but against all the Laws of Music, it does. ‘It’ being the unique new sound created by Gangstagrass, a New York-based collective who wrote the stunning track used in the title sequence of ‘Justified’, a brilliant new TV series based on an Elmore Leonard short story.

“Long Hard Times To Come” has an unbelievable mash-up of country, bluegrass, guitar & hip hop. Even if you normally run away screaming from hip-hop or bluegrass, give this a listen.

As for ‘Justified’, it’s an outstanding drama. It probably won’t be shown on Sri Lankan tv stations, so just pop along to your trusted download places to … er… get hold of it..

To prove that Gangstagrass aren’t a one-hit wonder, listen to this track, ‘Pain’ from an earlier album, featuring a wonderful female vocalist

Another artist I discovered through ‘Justified’ is Otis Taylor, whose once-heard, never forgotten track  ‘Ten Million Slaves’ is featured in Episode 8.

Listen and buy their music!

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