Jean Lambert (MEP) visits the Heart of Darkness

Jean Lambert, MEP (Member of European Parliament) and leader of the EU’s ‘South Asia’ group is currently visiting the belly of the beast; i.e. Colombo and the Parliament.

Jean discussing sustainable, child-friendly Eelam landmine products with Prabha

Lambert’s a hard-working Fluffer for Eelam. Her greatest successes on behalf of Eelam are:

Pro GSP+ suspension for Sri Lanka
Lambert was a key mover in the process of GSP+ suspension (‘removing favourable trade tariffs) against Sri Lanka. Jean Lambert’s monthly salary is approx 1,125,500 Rupees (= £6250). A Sri Lankan garment worker’s average monthly salary 12,600 Rupees (= £70)

"Thanks to madam Jean, I can now spend more time at home and anyway, money isn't everything, is it?"

So what did the GSP+ trade tariff suspension achieve? Increased unemployment amongst Sri Lanka’s poorest classes. The government was not hurt by it (and it was designed to punish the government) – not one iota.

Assiduously supporting the LTTE cause
Jean’s a vociferous critic of the Sri Lankan government’s military struggle (supported by the overwhelming majority of Lankans) against the LTTE. In May 2009, as the LTTE faced annihilation, in meeting at the Sivan Kovil Temple (an LTTE controlled temple) organized by the British Tamils Forum (BTF), a UK front group of the LTTE, Jean Lambert petitioned for a ceasefire. Neither the petition nor the meeting made any mention of the LTTE’s culpability in holding civilians against their wishes in the combat zone.

Here’s Jean’s message of support to “Tamil protesters” in May 2009: “This is the Green Party supporting the Tamil people in their struggle for autonomy, condemning the United Nations for not supporting the calls for an inquiry into the violence which has been happening in the north of Sri Lanka.” Jean always has time in her busy calendar to meet anyone from the pro-LTTE diaspora campaigning for a separate state.

Jean with another bunch of pro-Eelam whiners at her EU offices in September 2010

via proxy (if you’re in Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is a poor, relatively powerless country facing the might and opprobrium of a hypocritical, corrupt and undemocratic EU. It has no choice but to mend fences with its moral overlords in Europe, but must never forget where Jean Lambert’s allegiances lie – with a separatist terrorist movement and its voters resident in Europe.


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