Bin Laden’s death a War Crime? Immediate UN investigation demanded.

Why wasn’t Bin Laden captured alive to stand trial for his many terrorist attacks and crimes against humanity?

Tamil circles and Amnesty International will be appalled that Osama was simply shot in the head, along with one of his sons. The US forces also mercilessly shot a woman used by Bin Laden as a human shield.

update: Will the real Slim Shady er… I mean Osama stand up ? Fake and real OBL pix, via Daily Telegraph.

Real and fake Dead OBL

Was Bin Laden trying to surrender? We’ll never know. Every millisecond of this entire operation would’ve been captured on soldiers’ helmet-mounted video and satellite cameras.

update: forget CNN, Al -Jazeera, BBC etc. Get the real combat footage on the OBL mission from a bunch of Chinese 3-D animators at NMATV.

Update: 15-May: The video was swiftly removed off Youtube (fear of offending Jihadis?), but it’s been ‘re-discovered’ for your viewing pleasure… it’s been removed and found elsewhere on Youtube.

And now back to our regular blogging….

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group must demand an immediate UN-led investigations into possible war crimes committed during the failed capture-alive of Osama Bin Laden.

In May 2009, Velupillai Prabhakaran, his entire top LTTE leadership team and their unfortunate family members were killed by the Sri Lankan Army as they attempted to breakthrough encircling Army positions.

The three stages of Prabha; from hero to zero

Sri Lanka has faced unceasing demands by the West and its’ human rights lackeys, seeking accountability and ‘impartial’ investigations about the final days of the Eelam War 4.

To battle, brave human rights warriors. Demand accountability and a full UN investigation into this terrorist’s suspicious death, NOW!

4 Responses to Bin Laden’s death a War Crime? Immediate UN investigation demanded.

  1. Rip Van Winkle ! says:

    Excellent Article Author !! hope AI, UN sees this…

    • Mango says:

      What do you reckon? Not a hope in hell that AI will want to risk facing its’ master’s wrath 🙂

  2. veedhur says:

    you have a point!

    One difference though – from the beginning US acknowledges in this instance of a civilian killing. Sri Lankans after thousands still refused to accept.

    • Mango says:


      I have no idea why the SL govt ever started the ‘zero civilian casualties’ nonsense. It’s utter drivel. How you can avoid civilian casualties when the LTTE intermingled themselves with the civilians? Everyone in SL knows that thousands of Tamil civilians died in the final stages of the conflict.

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