UN’s Navi Pillay (Navi who?) demands ‘full disclosure’. Obama ‘Michael’ Corleone insists ‘we took care of family business’.

“We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.” President Obama in 2008.

Western bloc human rights organizations are very, very hesitantly dipping their toes into the ‘prosecute Obama for assassinating Osama ‘cos it was a human rights violation’ narrative. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and The International Crisis Group are being extremely circumspect about tackling the US and President Obama’s actions.

'It’s not personal, its strictly business.’

Amnesty International merely observed that the hit on Osama “raises questions about human rights”.  Indeed, indeed, so it does. Amnesty’s spokesdroid Sam Zarifi merely mentioned that Bin Laden was a ‘spent force’.

Sam Zafiri, Spokesdroid for Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth offered this carefully worded, Hallmark greeting card-style homily: “…bin Laden’s death is a reminder of the thousands of innocents who suffer when terrorist groups seek political change through brutal means.”

The International Crisis Group who can usually be relied upon to instantly offer moral platitudes (to Sri Lanka and other countries afflicted by terrorism) flip-flopped and eventually settled on a long tedious article discussing assessing the ”limits of US policy in Pakistan”.

The UN human rights chief Navi Pillay called for “a full disclosure of the accurate facts”. Her minions, Christof Heyns and Martin Scheinin also added helpfully, “We are just saying the U.S. government should answer questions concerning whether a meaningful prospect of surrender and arrest was given by the U.S., but perhaps not taken by Osama bin Laden.” They were ‘just saying’, right? They didn’t really mean it.

UN Human Rights chief Pillay is 'just saying'

Compare and contrast the reaction from these human rights hypocrites who combined and coordinated an attack on Sri Lanka before, during and after the LTTE (the world’s most brutal terrorist group) was crushed on a soggy lagoon in Eastern Sri Lanka, in May 2009. There were calls for UN sanctions, war crimes trials, UN and international investigations and a vast panoply of measures to punish Sri Lanka for the human rights abuses caused in brutal ending of its war.

Being a super-power has its’ advantages. The US (and Russia and China) really do have ‘super powers’, for which their citizens should be truly grateful. Lesser, more mortal powers have endless, tedious arguments with human rights advocates. The super-powers merely glide by and do what is needed to take care of their terror problems.

President Obama’s hit is being likened to Sonny Corleone’s emotional, from-the-gut, “…. you gotta get up like this and, badda-bing, you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit” style of taking care of family business.

“Badda-bing, you blow their brains out”

No. Obama has modeled himself on Michael Corleone’s more measured, colder, less emotional rationalization of necessary violence. ‘It’s not personal, its strictly business.’

“Today I settle all family business.”

‘Family business’ included Bin Laden paying the price for murdering 224 innocent Kenyan civilians during the 1998 attack on the US Embassy in Nairobi. President Obama also has family in Kenya.

Before NYC in 11th September, there was Nairobi 7th August 1998

President Obama however did make a mistake about not releasing video and pictures of a dead Bin Laden, citing ‘Islamic sensitivities’. This makes no sense whatsoever. Those who hate the US and want to attack it won’t have their anger and hatred assuaged by not seeing their icon looking very dead. To a global audience inured to images of hostages being beheaded on-line, even a still image of a dead Bin Laden wouldn’t elicit more than a momentary pause.

In Sri Lanka’s case, to ensure that the LTTE remnants got the message that their leader was indeed very, very dead, live feed from the final battle ground showed unequivocally that Vellupillai Prabhakaran who gifted Sri Lanka with 9/11-style civilian casualty figures on an annual basis was indeed, dead.

To really drive home the message, “Within 24 hours after the final battle, the Army cremated several hundred bodies, including that of Prabhakaran and his family and threw their ashes to sea.”

Disregarding terrorists’ sensitivities – Sri Lankan style

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  1. SRI LANKA Human Rights Council a new forum to discuss Sri Lankas human rights record. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 11 2006AS-105-2006A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission AHRC SRI LANKA Human Rights Council a new forum to discuss Sri Lankas human rights recordAn article published in Mirror Politics by Champika Liyannarachchi entitled Failed States and unfair indexes is an interesting example of how commonly known facts can be contested through seemingly sophisticated arguments.The articles author questions whether Sri Lanka is indeed one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. All of these indicators together have led to the present fear and instability that people live with daily.It may be useful to initiate public discussions on these matters once again now that Sri Lanka has been elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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