Could Jimmy Savile Fix It for the LTTE? WTF?

“Now then, now then, now then boys and girls..”

Guess who attended the World Tamils Forum (WTF) Conference in March 2009?

If Sir Jimmy and Prabha had lived long enough, they could’ve swapped stories about children.

Yes, it was him, Sir Jimmy Savile OBE (Order of the British Empire).

Two months before the LTTE was destroyed in May 2009, the World Tamil Federation (unfortunate acronym WTF) met in London with its human shield of the usual suspects of the human rights industry, to protest about the war not proceeding as planned.

Sir Jimmy, noted philanthropist, fundraiser for worthy children’s charities and now suspected of being a long-term (alleged) paedophile was a keynote supporter and speaker at the 2009 WTF (wtf?) conference. Had the alleged paedophile (yuck) and alleged necrophile (more yuck!) Sir Jimmy Savile heard about the LTTE’s child soldiers and baby brigades?

Sir Jimmy Savile speaking at the World Tamils Forum (WTF) Conference in London, March 2009

To increase its legitimacy in the West, the overseas LTTE packed their conferences with as many white European faces as possible; and they were never too choosy about their supporters or about their use of forcibly recruited child soldiers.

Sir Jimmy Savile died on 29th October 2011.

Sir Jimmy was never able to fix it for the LTTE.


Some well-known LTTE supporters includes the terminally moronic Aussie hack Antony Loewenstein, Joan Ryan ex-UK Labour Member of Parliament,  Ken Livingstone, ex-mayor of London and Siobhain McDonagh the current Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden. When Siobhan isn’t fluffing for Eelam, she does good work as patron of Leap Forward Employment – a community interest company that finds work for adults with mental health issues. Quite.

Loewenstein and Prabha – it could’ve happened.

Joan would’ve loved to have met Prabha

Ken Livingstone with his favourite dead terrorist.

Siobhan always wanted to meet Prabha.

9 Responses to Could Jimmy Savile Fix It for the LTTE? WTF?

  1. WTF? I got a great laugh out of that.

    • Mango says:

      My four most idiotically-named insurgent groups are MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front), EROS (Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students), WTF (World Tamil Federation) and Janjaweed. Your challenge is to create a sentence containing all these acronyms. 🙂

  2. manjula says:

    WTF did Jimmy Savile knew about deceitful Tamil tigers? He was just a popularity seeking idiot.

    • candydman says:

      In fact Saville was much more than just a popularity seeking idiot. In addition to the meeting with Tamil separatists in 2009 (and there were probably other such meetings) he also visited Israel several times and had meetings with the Israel PM and cabinet of ministers. UK newspapers have claimed that some years ago Prince Charles sent him a Christmas card which included a line to the effect that people will never know how much he did for his country. In other words he was doing secret work for the British government. That is the reason why a blind eye was turned to his insatiable pursuit of adolescent girls.

  3. BlueLotusLK says:

    Hey Mango! I need your help on Wikipedia! Some eelamists are adding:
    Firmer government in the 21st century has drawn criticism from the United Nations[19][20], Reporters Without Borders[21] for journalist disappearances, and Amnesty International[22] for detentions without trial.

    Channel 4 links, etc to the main Sri Lankan article introduction! It stands out like a sore thumb because nowhere in the rest of the article are these issues discussed.

    • Mango says:

      To be fair, those statements (disappearances, govt abuses etc) are true, so there’s little point in trying to whitewash them, no? But if there’s anything here you want to use, feel free.

  4. Lipitor says:

    Accused paedophile on 252 charges sipping tea in Sri Lanka

    November 26, 2012

    Paul Bibby, Rory Callinan and Martin Van Beynen

    A FORMER Catholic brother charged five months ago with hundreds of counts of sexual abuse against children and young adults is living on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka because the authorities dragged their feet in extraditing him to Australia.

    Bernard Kevin McGrath, who is among the most infamous members of the disgraced St John of God order, had 252 charges laid against him in a Newcastle court on June 27.

    The 65-year-old, who recently served two years in a New Zealand prison for abusing young boys, is alleged to have repeatedly raped, molested and abused dozens of young boys at church-run institutions in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese during the late 1970s and ’80s.

    Read more:

    • Mango says:

      McGrath’s left SL and has now turned himself in, in New Zealand, waiting for extradition to Australia. If the Aussies were so concerned about preventing child abuse in Sri Lanka, they would’ve cracked down hard on LTTE fundraising inside Australia. They didn’t. Terrorism only matters to the Aussies when their own people get hit in places like Bali.

      • Manjula says:

        “Terrorism only matters to the Aussies when their own people get hit” —- very true, in fact this is common policy in many western economies like US, UK, Canada, Norway etc.

        But when they preach at UN wearing a suit it is a completely different thing.

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