No Swastikas Please, We’re German.

Scale models of FW-190 & Me-109 fighters. Germany, 2011

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Germans do not have a sense of humour. [This of course is not true.] The British in particular like to think of themselves as being infinitely superior to the Germans in almost any area of endeavour simply on the basis of their own proven capacity for extracting humour from any occasion.

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UN’s Navi Pillay (Navi who?) demands ‘full disclosure’. Obama ‘Michael’ Corleone insists ‘we took care of family business’.

“We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.” President Obama in 2008.

Western bloc human rights organizations are very, very hesitantly dipping their toes into the ‘prosecute Obama for assassinating Osama ‘cos it was a human rights violation’ narrative. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and The International Crisis Group are being extremely circumspect about tackling the US and President Obama’s actions.

'It’s not personal, its strictly business.’

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Ken Livingstone’s has Bus Bomber Vote in the Bag.

A UK coroner’s inquest into the 7th July London Tube & Bus bombing, when UK Jihadi suicide bombers murdered 52 Londoners has finally delivered a verdict of ‘unlawful killing’. Thanking the traumatized survivors who gave evidence, the coroner said “during the course of hearing evidence I ran out of superlatives in describing the courage and heroism of many who survived.”

Ken with his favourite dead terrorist.

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British Cabinet in Brain Damage Shock

Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague seem to have suffered severe brain damage, displaying tell-tales symptoms such as memory loss, inattention, emotional outbursts and slowed thinking.

PM Cameron (centre) looks normal, but is suffering massive memory loss.

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Amnesty Int’l Declares War on Sri Lanka

“Amnesty International will not rest.”

“We will not stop campaigning until the victims and their families get the truth and the justice they deserve.”

“There WILL be an international investigation into these war crimes and abuses.“

Jim McDonald declares war on Sri Lanka

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Jean Lambert (MEP) visits the Heart of Darkness

Jean Lambert, MEP (Member of European Parliament) and leader of the EU’s ‘South Asia’ group is currently visiting the belly of the beast; i.e. Colombo and the Parliament.

Jean discussing sustainable, child-friendly Eelam landmine products with Prabha

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How To Be a Failure – Book Festival Defies Human Rights Censors.

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Sri Lanka can never beat the West.

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Today on Planet Loewenstein….

Antony promotes the creation of an ethnically exclusive statelet, fit only for Tamils to inhabit, cleansed (a sort of ‘Judenrein’) of other, lesser races. This fantasy was to be achieved by gaining ‘Tamil independence’. Read more of this post

Antony Loewenstein – Master of Doublethink

Is Loewenstein a liar, a hypocrite or a partisan of the Tamil Tigers?

How credible is Antony’s claim to be independent when commenting on Sri Lanka’s war and post-war politics? Antony has previously criticised “…the bias of those journalists who do not bother to report both sides.” The facts will prove his claims to authority on Sri Lanka are unfounded and that he concerns himself exclusively with one side of a multi-faceted story.

Loewenstein and Prabha - it could've happened.

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