Bill Hicks Was Wrong

“By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising…kill yourself. Thank you. Just planting seeds, planting seeds is all I’m doing. No joke here, really. Seriously, kill yourself, you have no rationalisation for what you do, you are Satan’s little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now…. Seriously, I know the marketing people: ‘There’s gonna be a joke comin’ up.’ There’s no fuckin’ joke. Suck a tail pipe, hang yourself…borrow a pistol from an NRA buddy, do something…rid the world of your evil fuckin’ presence.”

Hicks (1961-1994), one of the greatest comedians of the 20th Century was right about so many things, but on this he may have been ever so slightly wrong. Case for the defence, this 2003 advert for AmEx featuring Martin Scorsese collecting his nephew’s birthday party pictures from an instant photo developers.

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