Sri Lanka’s Military -The Search For A Mission (2004)

Blodgett’s reasonably comprehensive review of Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces, written in 2004, reaches a fatally flawed, yet understandable conclusion, reached by so many local and foreign experts on Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces’ ability to defeat the LTTE.

Blodgett says: “But without a legitimate external threat, the military will assume the mantle of providing domestic assistance to the people and become incapable of defending the country against any threat – external or internal.”

and “…Its forces are incapable of defeating the LTTE with either conventional or unconventional tactics.”

Oh dear… how wrong you can be..

Sri Lanka Army commits ‘Beach Genocide’ against innocent Eelam sand in Chalai – Mission Accomplished

To be fair to Blodgett, now a Professor at something called the American Public University (never heard of it, either), he had no idea of how fundamental transformations being wrought on all three Services during the years of peace would pay dividends in the final war, Eelam War 4.

And he provides a good summary of the military affair in the post-WW2 period.

Download the book Sri Lanka’s Military-The Search For A Mission (2004)

2 Responses to Sri Lanka’s Military -The Search For A Mission (2004)

  1. Our military did made great transformations during 2001-2005 period. That is good. But there is something that worry me. Our military, strategy the whole defence system is now depended on Gota. He is a great administrator, no doubt about that. But Gota cant stay forever. The day he leave i fear that would make unfavorable changes to defence.

    • Mango says:

      I don’t think that the whole system’s dependent on Gota continuing to be DefSec. Generally there’s a doctrine that all militaries follow, depending on their own circumstances, and the SL military will be updating their doctrine in the post-LTTE period. Gota’s successor will follow that doctrine or amend it, depending on how things are.

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