I’m With You To The Bitter End

What do you call someone who incites violence and forments insurrection from afar, yet resolutely refuses to place himself in the same danger he advocates for others? A fool, clueless moron or a Grade A hypocrite?

Graham Williamson, director of the laughably misnamed ‘human rights campaign group’ Act Now (in reality a European-fronted pro-LTTE pressure group) is that Grade A hypocrite. Antony Lowenstein has already taken the space reserved for ‘clueless moron’.

Wiilamson (left) waiting for the Bitter End

In a stirring speech given to Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates in London, on 27th November at their annual LTTE celebration (Heroes Day), Williamson called on Tamils to ‘fight for Eelam’ and ‘to keep fighting.’ He also unintentionally exposed the fatal flaw in the diapsora LTTE’s strategy for attaining Eelam – their longed for and now permanently out of reach mythical homeland. That they were not willing to risk their lives for the cause.

Williamson said, “The difference between them [the dead LTTE cadres] and us is that they were prepared to give their lives. Nobody’s asking you to give your life for the struggle.” That is the diaspora LTTE’s dilemma in 25 words.

He then left the reality-based community entirely to commune with unknown deities who promised his “depressed” audience that a “UN supervised referendum” would give them Eelam. What was Williamson smoking?

“..a UN-supervised referendum to give Tamils in Sri Lanka the chance of getting their Eelam.”

Williamson’s three-minute speech is a masterpiece of unintentional hilarity, wish-fulfillment and acknowledgement of the eventual reward to be expected at the end of a fruitless struggle.

Graham Williamson’s call to arms: “….. Personally I believe Tamils should have independence and a Tamil Eelam. But it’s not my choice. I’m not Tamil and I’m not Sri Lankan Tamil. It’s not my choice, not my vote. I’ve just dedicated part of my life to help the Tamil people because I believe you have a right and just cause.  The Tamils at the moment probably still feel depressed. Thousands upon thousands of Tamil in Sri Lanka were murdered. Thousands more have disappeared, thousands more have been abused and treated terribly even now as we speak.”

“Your kith and kin in Sri Lanka are being abused, are vulnerable and really are struggling to survive. So again I repeat, it is down to you. If you don’t fight for your kith and kin in Sri Lanka you will not see a Tamil Eelam. In fact, in 50 or 100 more years, you’ll see the Tamils become a shrinking population and you’ll never get independence. So now is the time and the reason the time is now is because you won’t now achieve that independence or autonomy or whatever Tamils ultimately decide – you’ll not receive it in 50 or 100 years time”

“You can achieve it now because the international community is embarrassed. The UN, the West – even some of the African countries and Asian countries –  know that the Tamils were abused. They know that Tamils were murdered in large numbers. They know that the Rajapakse regime isn’t right. But at the moment they’re not prepared to act. We need to force them to act. We need that independent investigation so that the world knows how Tamils are treated in Sri Lanka. And we need that UN-supervised referendum to give Tamils in Sri Lanka the chance of getting their Eelam.”

“Because if you don’t fight and you don’t get a chance to get Eealm, then all these people who’ve died have died in vain.  Are you prepared to say ‘Oh, I couldn’t be bothered going out on that campaign today. I couldn’t be bothered to do this, I couldn’t be bothered to do that.’ The people that you’ve come here to respect – symbolically in the front and at the side –  they agreed with you that there should be self-determination for Tamils. The difference between them and us is that they were prepared to give their lives. Nobody’s asking you to give your life for the struggle. So surely you can give something back to gain your ultimate dream.”

“So, I’ll finish now by simply to say: keep fighting, the time is right to ultimately get that vote in Sri Lanka. Despite what you may think, the time is now right. And for what little I can do, I’ll be there with you to the bitter end. Nandri.” (‘Thank you’ in Tamil).

Sri Lanka Army infantry awaiting the arrival of Williamson’s ‘bitter enders’.

Now that you’ve waded through that speech, reward yourself by watching this from Placebo. A better Bitter End is hard to find.

2 Responses to I’m With You To The Bitter End

  1. Listening to his speech is more amuzing than stiring.

    It reminds me of Comical Ali from Iraq war. “No we are no losing, We are winning.”

    All I see is a desperate attempt of British politician to pander to a terrorist front organization.

    As for the website ACT-Now. It looks like it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. Most of their articles come from 2009.
    Probably cost about $50 to set up for a standard 3 year contract. It would be interesting see if it still there in late 2011. After the end of any 3 year sunset period.
    It would also interting to see whether they are willing to publish their financial reports.

  2. The struggle of the Sri Lankan liberals, Sinhala or Tamil, is then at odds with the struggle of the Eelam Tamil people.

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