British Cabinet in Brain Damage Shock

Prime Minister Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague seem to have suffered severe brain damage, displaying tell-tales symptoms such as memory loss, inattention, emotional outbursts and slowed thinking.

PM Cameron (centre) looks normal, but is suffering massive memory loss.

Commenting on Osama Bin Laden’s refuge being discovered in Abbottabad, Cameron said “..Bin Laden must have had an extensive support network in the country. We don’t know the extent of it and it is right and important that we ask serious questions of Pakistan.”

Hague's lips move, but his slowed thinking indicate signs of brain injuries.

“We will need to continue to fight against terrorism, wherever it rears its head, with renewed determination,” wittered Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Pakistan’s terrorist-harbouring problems are too well-known to repeat, but only serious brain damage could account for Cameron and Hague conveniently ignoring the incontestable fact that the UK (and especially London) has been the favourite financial, propaganda, recruiting, technology exchanges and R&R destination of choice for every premiere league terrorist group since the mid 1980s.

If you wanted to build a support network for your terrorist organization, London continues to be the place to be. The deal was, as long as you left the UK alone, the authorities wouldn’t enquire too closely into their activities.

Defenceless civilians across the world, from Sri Lanka, to Algeria to India and Turkey paid with their lives and limbs because the UK governments allowed foreign terrorist groups to operate without hindrance. A few examples to remind us that Britain is only concerned when its own interests are attacked by terrorists.

Famous terrorists groups permitted to operate from Britain

Tamil Terrorists – LTTE

 The Tiger’s International Secretariat which co-ordinated fundraising, propaganda, political support and anything else a go-getting terrorist group needed, operated for decades at 211 Katherine Road, London E6, until it was shut down by the shamed British state in 2001. The LTTE did everything in London except for direct military training to support their war against Sri Lanka.

Financed in London, exploded in Colombo.

Algerian Terrorists – Armed Islamic Group (GIA)

GIA Logo

During the GIA inspired terror bombings in Paris, a key GIA member and financier was London-based Rachid Ramda. He’s currently serving a 22-year sentence in a  French prison. Nadir Remli, the former head of the GIA is a British Citizen and was eventually arrested in Malta in 2005.

Designed in London, exploded in Paris

A former military attaché to the Algerian Embassy in Washington told US diplomats that Britain had been warned years ago to stop granting asylum to members of two “very dangerous” terrorist groups. He asked: “Did the English consider the risks of allowing Londonistan to develop? The British thought that sheltering terrorists was a good solution, but they did not realise that one can never align oneself with the devil, and they did precisely that for years and years.”

Londoners eventually paid a heavy price for their government's creation of 'Londonistan'.

Saudi Terrorists (no, not the Saudi government)

Mohammad al-Massari head of Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights, which opposes the Saudi government as un-Islamic. Yes, read that again. Al-Massari has declared British troops in Iraq to be legitimate targets for militants, and has hosted videos of bomb attacks and beheadings on his website.

Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ)  – Egypt

EIJ logo

Led by Ayman al-Zawahiri (Bin Laden’s No. 2) EIJ carried out (amongst many other attacks) the Luxor attack which killed 56 tourists including British tourists, with support from London. An Arab journalist notes that “the problem is that we find that there is strong support for terrorism in London.”

Designed in London, manufactured and executed in Luxor.

PKK – Turkish Terrorists

PKK Logo - the leader's currently in a Turkish prison.

The PKK operated propaganda TV station (MED-TV) from London. Jean Lambert, a Green Party MEP, naturally lauds the sustainable nature of PKK terrorism. Her latest pet project is worrying about state of the captured PKK leader, Ocalan’s fingernails.

Is Londonistan a cesspit?

A French counter-intelligence officer, appalled at the lack of co-operation from the UK in chasing down Islamic terrorists, coined the term Londonistan.  Nobel Literature Laureate Wole Soyinka has called London a cesspit for allowing the breeding and fostering of Islamic terrorism.


British politicians and counter-terrorism services officers constantly urge vigilance and talk of the terrible damage done by terrorism to the fabric of British society. Yet they are literally blind in avoiding acknowledging their culpability in exporting terror to other countries.

Britain has avoided being asked any ‘serious questions’ about its tolerance of terrorism. Before pointing the finger at Pakistan, Britain needs to prove to the world that it has dealt with its own terror support networks.

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