Amnesty Int’l Declares War on Sri Lanka

“Amnesty International will not rest.”

“We will not stop campaigning until the victims and their families get the truth and the justice they deserve.”

“There WILL be an international investigation into these war crimes and abuses.“

Jim McDonald declares war on Sri Lanka

Facing his elite battalions of US human rights warriors, Jim McDonald, Amnesty International’s ‘country specialist’ for Sri Lanka finally declared war on the island state.

AI has never been able to accept the Sri Lankan government’s principled rejection of AI’s efforts to prevent the final Eelam War from reaching its logical conclusion. i.e. a decisive victory for one side. Fortunately, the democratically elected government prevailed by dispensing with advice and homilies from AI and the international human rights circus.

AI has a long track record of one-sided action against Sri Lanka attempting to free itself from the murderous grip of LTTE terrorism.

How would AI have dealt with the LTTE?

Talks. Yes, talks. More talking. Oh, and by acceding to the LTTE’s demands for more autonomy. Remember, Jim McDonald is AI’s “country specialist” for Sri Lanka.

The LTTE Negotiating Team

In Jim’s own words, on October 19th, 2009 at 7:03 am

“In response to Mango’s comment of Oct. 18, 7:07 P.M., I’d make the following points:

 1. The argument made in the comment essentially is that it was necessary for the 7,000 or more civilians (the estimates as to how many civilians were killed in the final stages of the war vary) to die. The argument is that the only way the government had of preventing future abuses was by defeating the LTTE and by defeating them in the way the government chose to do.

2. I don’t buy that argument. There were other options available to the government. It didn’t have to kill thousands of civilians.

 3. The fact is, the Sri Lankan government never sought a political solution to the ethnic conflict or to try to undercut what support the LTTE had from the Tamil population by showing that the government was prepared to meet some demands for autonomy.

 4. Furthermore, the government could have taken other steps towards the end of the war to minimize civilian casualties, by making greater efforts to avoid attacks against the civilians.”

My Top Three Amnesty International Attacks on Sri Lanka

1. Attacking only the Sri Lankan cricket team at the 2007 World Cup.

The anti-Sri Lanka cricket team, ‘Play by the Rules’ campaign at the 2007 Cricket World Cup was launched to highlight human rights abuses committed by both sides in Eelam War 4.  Amnesty distributed cricket balls and posters at the venues.

“Play By the Rules” cricket balls from Amnesty International

England and Australia, two other teams competing in the same World Cup, (still involved in the Iraq disaster and thus directly responsible for the uncountable thousands of dead Iraqi civilians) were NOT targeted by AI for a similar campaign. I suspect that AI USA hasn’t got the cojones to confront US & UK teams, players and supporters to remind them of the huge civilian death toll extracted by the West in it’s continuing ‘War on Terror’.

2. Jim McDonald’s fake ‘Cluster Bomb’ story in 2009.

AI’s war leader, Jim ‘Cluster Bomb’ McDonald was caught spinning a totally fabricated story about Sri Lanka Air Force using ‘cluster bombs’ against the LTTE.

In Jim’s own words: “…..Do the army commanders in Colombo know for a fact that some lower ranking officers or troops in the north didn’t use the cluster bombs?”

SLAF ‘Dumb’ bombs ready for loading on to Mig-27s

Jim was unaware that cluster bombs are air-delivered munitions. Low ranking officers or troops can’t just jump into a fighter-bomber, load up with cluster bombs and take on their own targets. AI eventually issued a mealy mouthed retraction, but couldn’t quite get themselves admit that their original story was wrong.

SLAF ‘Dumb’ bombs in action

3. Lies, Calumnies and Libel – AI’s Sam Zafiri whines. Again.

AI spokesdroid Sam Zafiri was a regular on BBC World and other channels demanding a ceasefire without ever explaining how the LTTE could be made to surrender.

After having accused Sri Lanka of every human rights abuse including stealing Christmas, listen to AI’s Governor-General Sam Zafiri (in Feb 2011) whine when he realises that Sri Lanka wasn’t interested in being lectured to by him.

Sam Zafiri, Spokesdroid for Amnesty International

Palitha Kohona (Sri Lanka’s representative) rightly labels AI & the rest of the HR mob as ‘messianic’ in their attempt to punish Sri Lanka whilst simultaneously not applying the same standards to the West. Zafiri whines again (does he ever stop whining?) that this is a ‘calumny’ & ‘libellous’ (at 94min). Zafiri (a lawyer) has the bare-faced cheek to talk about ‘libel’.

Who will win the war?

Sri Lanka - Keep Calm and Carry On

The LTTE’s hot war in Sri Lanka is over. AI’s cold war against Sri Lanka will be equally long, debilitating and financially damaging to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s ambassador to France, Prof. Dayan Jayatilleke asserting a cold war has been launched against Sri Lanka

Only an intelligent response by the Sri Lankan government will defeat AI, by creating a liveable country for all Sri Lanka’s citizens – not to appease AI, but because it’s the right thing to do and to honour the sacrifices made by ordinary Sri Lankans in defeating the LTTE.

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