Mr Poop Goes for a Walk

Amnesty International’s attacks on Sri Lanka’s poor war-time human rights record were rebutted with a kneejerk response from nationalistic Sinhalese politicians: “Amnesty is attacking Sri Lanka because it’s in the pay of the LTTE”. Most people (myself included) scoffed at such paranoid and ridiculous attacks on Amnesty. After all, this was Amnesty International, a neutral organisation dedicated to exposing wrongdoing across on the planet, not beholden to any government and funded solely by its member’s donations.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The paranoids have finally been proven correct. In a bizarre move, Amnesty proudly proclaimed receiving over $50,0000 from an LTTE front organisation, the Canadian Tamil Congress, which recently held fundraising ‘walk-a-thon’ in Toronto for Amnesty International.


Alex Neve, Amnesty International accepting $50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress, 21st January, 2012

Exhorting the walkers to ever greater heights of fundraising, Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada said (at 2min 58 secs on video):

“Every dollar you raise… is all going to go to support our ongoing crucial human rights work. Our human rights work with respect to Sri Lanka where we’ve worked for years, for decades to ensure that human rights violations against the Tamil community come to an end and that the rights of all Sri Lankans be equally upheld and protected.”

“And as you’ve heard from Priya right now, our focus of that for us is the importance of ensuring that an international enquiry be conducted so that there is truth, there is justice, there is accountability for all of the terrible violations and abuses that have occurred in the country.”

Mr Poop (aka David Poopalapillai) spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress must be delighted that his walk in the park has allowed Amnesty International to be inextricably linked with the pro-LTTE diaspora organisations.

“We come from a country where human rights are being violated. There’s no media freedom in Sri Lanka. There’s no big voice. Countries like Sri Lanka pay only the lip service when it comes to human rights, so Amnesty [International] stands very tall, bringing out those human rights violations to the outside world,” said Mr Poop.

From left to right: CTC President Umasuthan and Mr. Poop at the Toronto office presenting some of the funds collected for Amnesty.

A prosperous Canadian Eelamish person also spoke of his love and gratitude for Amnesty (at 4min on video).

“… and I just came back from Geneva … one thing I want to tell you is that it is the ONLY friend we have at times. Amnesty International has been the ONLY voice of reason in the international community.”

“When countries [sic] and after countries [sic] after countries [sic] turned down the plight of Tamils in 2009, Amnesty International spoke again and again and again. And today in Geneva, in New York, when countries again are turning down the report of the Secretary General and are saying ‘this is not acceptable, we will not consider the Secretary General’s panel’s report on Sri Lanka’, it is Amnesty International which is standing firm with the Tamil community and calling for justice in Sri Lanka. So, I’m not going to leave here until we raise another $10,000 to get to the [$]50,000 goal. It is ultimately our responsibility to ensure that the voice of the Tamil community is heard loud and clear.”

Many speakers at the CTC rally referred to 2011 being Amnesty’s 50th birthday and its inception in 1961 by British lawyer Peter Benenson who was appalled to read about two Portuguese students sentenced to seven years in prison for raising their glasses in a toast to freedom.

Prabha with Amnesty Canada's Alex Neve – in an alternate universe

Amnesty has also associated itself with ‘Cageprisoners’, a group set up by ex Guantanamo Bay detainee, Moazzam Begg. 
Here Asim Qureshi of Cageprisoners demands jihad from London. Obviously Amnesty uses a special human rights translator where the phrase “. to support the jihad of our brothers and sisters in these countries (Afghanistan etc)..”  is sanitised into “we demand comfortable shoes.”


What would Benenson make of his beloved Amnesty, now taking money from terrorist front organisations to promote human rights?

41 Responses to Mr Poop Goes for a Walk

  1. padraigcolman says:

    I wrote this two years ago. I wonder if it is still valid and worth updating?

  2. Mango says:

    Definitely. I’m still suprised that AI took money from the CTC, which is a patently dodgy organisation 🙂 I can just predict their response/excuse: that it was for overall human rights, that the CTC is an advocacy organisation etc. Or perhaps they’ve simply decided to choose their side in the next conflict in SL?

  3. Nihal says:

    Just because your third-rate blog gets no attention, except from your butt buddy Padrig, there is no reason to associate me with your past homosexual comrades, Heshan, Siri, or whomever it may be. Cheers.

    • Mango says:


      Only ‘third rate’ blog? I was expecting at least ‘tenth rate’ from you. Your immediate grasping at ‘butt buddies’ and other gay slurs suggests deeply repressed homosexual feelings. Don’t be shy, embrace your inner gayness and splurge out the Judy Garland box-set.

      Just like here:

      As for pictures etc, feel free to publish whatever you have. I’m intrigued. 🙂 🙂
      Your writing style is identical to ‘Heshan’, who was banned from Groundview and for (amongst other things) making complete arse of himself. e.g. the US won the Vietnam war! 🙂

      p.s. I’m still waiting for proof of your bravery and faith in the US justice system. Create your own blog supportive of Al-Quaeda and see how long you remain free. I’m still waiting for your peer-reviewed paper on sexual dysfunction and transvestitism in the Sri Lankan armed forces. Come on, man. Don’t be shy, get to work.

      • Nihal Perera says:

        I thought of making a website to entertain clowns such as yourself, but then I realized the effort is not worth the end result. Besides, your hypocrisy shines through easily enough on this blog itself: you bash the West, yet you choose to reside in the UK. In other words, you affirm (directly or indirectly) that the UK is economically superior to SL. But economic superiority does not emerge overnight; it requires cooperation, stability, intelligence, and a lot more. We can assume these things are missing in SL, or at least they are not present to any meaningul extent, which is why you don’t live there. The end result, then, is that your anti-Western blog is nothing more than an exercise in hypocrisy. And you yourself are a hypocrite.

        • Mango says:

          It’s always a delight to see how wrong you can be! Great to have you back in your original, unvarnished, unhinged and bonkers form.

          I only delight in exposing the West’s pomposity and hypocrisy regarding wars and human rights abuses, when these attacks are directed against Sri Lanka’s own wars and human rights abuses. I don’t shy away from noting Sri Lanka’s long history of mistakes, misdemeanours and abuses. Economic superiority is not the issue and never was. And how can this be an anti-Western blog when I unreservedly praise trial by jury?

          Remember, we’re still waiting to read about the origins of your anti-gay Weltanschauung. Was it as a result of being molested by frustrated Sri Lankan policemen ?

          Also, for someone of your huge and unrecognised intellect, it’ll be child’s play to set up your own blog. Yet again, we wait to see action from you instead of mere words. Create your own blog supportive of Al-Quaeda and see how long you remain free. Don’t do it for me. Do it to prove the US legal system’s inherent superiority.

  4. Nihal Perera says:

    Above post is addressed to “Priyanga” in UK.

    P.S: I also have Priyanga’s picture in my possession. The rest is up to Priyanga, really.

  5. padraigcolman says:

    OOOOH Matron!

    Who is Priyanga?

    Who is Padrig?

    Welcome back Nihal. Charming as ever.

    I have never seen Mango’s butt and he has never seen mine. I have seen pictures of his good lady wife who is extremely attractive and seems to be of the female persuasion. My own wife is also extremely attractive and definitely female – I have certificates to prove it.

    I have never had a homosexual encounter in my life and don’t intend to start now at my advanced age. A good book and a mug of Horlicks is my idea of excitement.

    Nihal, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality. What has it to do with the topics being discussed? Come out of the closet.

    • Nihal Perera says:

      Is that why you moved to SL? The women are not that great, the prime reason being the original North Indians have mated with the aborigineal Veddas and Dravidian women for more than a millenia, thereby permanently diluting the gene pool with crap. You would have been better off relocating to South America or some such place. I also noticed that you seem to have some kind of fascination with Sinhala-Buddhism. Well, if I could sum up Sinhala-Buddhism in a nutshell, it would be to say that it’s a perennial failure. Many a bugger may boast of his ancestors having built this or that, but it’s actually unclear who built what. For example, it could well have been South Indian engineers that designed the so-called “Sigiriya” as well as the much vaunted irrigitation system. I have a theory that cultures evolve, just as people do; if a group of people are unable to build a road in the 21st century, what is the chance that their ancestors of bygone days could build virtual palaces in the clouds? Now you take a group like the Dutch; they have been building ships forever, ancestors and posterity alike were able to build good ships. Some of the descendants of the Vikings (who were exceptional sailors), aka the British, have also had an excellent navy since time immemorial. Yet another group of descendants of the Vikings, the Germans, have also displayed extraordinary engineering talents.

      My point is that Sinhala-Buddhist culture was/is seeped in deceit from the very beginning. I doubt that the Sinhala-Buddhists ever invented anything useful of their own volition. It has always been a culture seeped in class-based subservience, a mentality that has survived to this very day. You’ve been on the island for only 10 years, but I’m sure you’ve seen the 3rd rate infrastructure, be it a road or airport, the political system mired in nepotism, the deplorable standard of medical care, the blatant racism and discrimination, etc. and wondered how such a system of abject failure does not just collapse upon itself. Well, that is the beauty of globalization; even failed states can survive, thanks to the endless charity of the IMF and World Bank. And these failed states that survive then propagate their failed ideas. Exhibit A: Sinhala-Buddhism.

  6. Nihal Perera says:

    It never astounds me as to how incompetent the average Sinhala-Buddhist is with technology. I recall one SB army general suggesting that the internet ought to be censored.

    I have been posting on GV with more than 3 ids for several months now. It would cost nothing, in terms of resources (save perhaps time), to increase that number to 30 or 300 via the use of a proxy server.

  7. Nihal Perera says:

    *It never ceases to astound me as to how

    • Mango says:

      Heshan, so, despite being roundly slapped around and proven wrong on occasions too numerous to count, you’ve still got the Groundviews itch, no? Ha ha ha!

      As a special service to Padraig, who’s probably not aware of your ‘special needs’ outlook, (and thus not to take your rants too seriously) here are your top discoveries.

      Heshan’s Fact List
      “Torture is justifiable if there are laws that say it’s okay.”
      “Women who marry more than three times are whores.”
      “North Korea is not a member of the UN.”
      “US won the Vietnam War.”
      “Neither England nor Germany nor India have a President.”
      “Ranil Wickramasinghe wasn’t elected in 2001.”
      “Hitler actually won WW2.”
      “Japan doesn’t have a military.”
      “Neo-Nazis are allowed use Nazi symbols they wish.”
      “There is no PTA in the UK.”
      “Humans evolved from chimps”.
      “if the Muslims took responsibility for their own actions, torture would not be an issue.”
      ..”Americans are very careful about who gets tortured..”

    • padraigcolman says:

      Mango, you have another of those out-of-left-field aphorisms to add to your list: “Incest is good for the gene pool”. That will have the evolutionary biologists rethinking their theories!

      Nihal, you are one weird guy!

      Your ideas about gene pools are worthy of Dr Mengele.

      Have you ever been to South America? I have. Most of the women up in the Altiplano would be considered ugly by the standards of other cultures and their gene pool has been “uncontaminated” for millennia. Current scientific thinking is that gene pools need to be refreshed in order for the race to get stronger.

      I come from Gloucester and my school was near the house where Fred West committed his gruesome murders. Fred came from the Forest of Dean and had indulged in the local customs of incest and bestiality. I coined a term for this – the Rizla complex, rolling your own. The results of inbreeding can be witnessed not just in the Forest of Dean but in European royal families. Look at the Habsburg chin and the persistent haemophilia.

      “Many a bugger may boast of his ancestors having built this or that, but it’s actually unclear who built what.” I totally agree with that. You have a technique often used in arguments. You make an unwarranted assumption about me and then go off on an uncontrolled rant based on your misconception.

      “I also noticed that you seem to have some kind of fascination with Sinhala-Buddhism.” I take some interest in Buddhism as I find some aspects of it help me live my life. I have no time for ritual for Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.


      You keep trying to make me defend things I have no interest in defending.

      Your use of the word “bugger” brings us back to sodomy yet again. You just can’t leave it alone!

      I did indeed move to Sri Lanka because my wife wanted to. I did not move to Sri Lanka in search of brown skin gals. We met in London and our courtship took place under civilized circumstances, visits to the opera and theatre and such. I have not noticed that people in Sri Lanka are more ugly than people in the many other countries I have visited.

      No doubt your sanguine view of the US will not be affected by reading this:

      “I have been posting on GV with more than 3 ids for several months now”. Aren’t you the smart one!!!? What’s the point? Who cares?

      “There is no reason to associate me with your past homosexual comrades, Heshan, Siri, or whomever it may be.”

      Are you confessing that Heshan is one of your GV ids? If so that makes you a homosexual.

  8. Manjula says:

    Dear Mango and Padraig,

    I think you two are wasting your valuable time for a gurrilla journalist. It is just a waste of time and energy to respond to barking stray dogs on the street. Let them bark and give them no attention.

    Readers only want to read useful comments rather than personal mud-slingling by people (or stray dogs) who have no facts and figures other then fancyful x-files based on hatred and pre-school mentality to hit at others who don’t agree with them. My method is to neglect them (stray dogs) so that they will diminish to neglegible.

    • padraigcolman says:

      You are corr4ect Manjula but it can be fun!

    • Nihal P says:

      Hello Manjula,

      The only stray dog is your Sinhala-Buddhist mother that gave birth to a mutant rodent named Manjula. Cheers.

      As for the half-breed Irish joker named “Colman” the fact that you choose to spend the final stage of your life in Sorry Lanka writing rubbish for the Sri Lankan Government – however much they pay you – speaks for itself.

      • padraigcolman says:

        Master of wit and repartee! Shakespeare would have been envious.Or perhaps that sodomite Oscar Wilde.

        • Nihal P says:

          Or perhaps that beggar of a latrine digger father of yours.

          • padraigcolman says:

            Nihal – sweetest, darling – can’t you see that you are making no sense at all?!!

            • Mango says:

              @Padraig: Please cut Nihal/Heshan some slack.

              He’s been beaten around the head with a coconut by his parents. He’s been molested by Buddhist priests. He’s been molested by sexually frustrated Sri Lankan soldiers at checkpoints. He’s been ejected from most serious SL blogs for abuse and propagating death threats. Combine all of that with a Waffen SS/Rommel fetish …. Boom!

          • padraigcolman says:

            I would not want Nihal to delude himself that he has upset me with his insults to my father.

            However, I would like to place it on record that he is demonstrating the serious nature of his psychopathology. He does not respond to reasoned argument with reasoned argument but, after long thought, out of the blue, attacks a total stranger.

            My father was a decent, cultured and intelligent man who died far too young at the age of 56 as long ago as !972. I still miss him. He was born into dire poverty but was far from being a beggar. He started work at the age of 13 and was never unemployed. He was never rich, but also never in debt, and he provided well for his family. What Nihal refers to disparagingly as latrine-digging was his honest contribution to the defeat of the Nazi menace.

            What kind of being are you, Nihal, to retaliate against me by disrespecting a good man who is a stranger to you and died 40 years ago?

            • Mango says:

              Nihal/Heshan/Charles isn’t fit to wipe the shit from your father’s boots. If your father had served in the Wehrmacht, Nihal would be begging to lick his boots. Using your father’s war service against you is merely indicative of his degraded, cretinous thought processes and ultimate proof of his low intelligence and inability to prevail in an argument. “Reasoned argument” was obviously beaten out of him by his parents.

              With any luck, Nihal/Heshan/Charles will be arrested by the FBI for looking like a Muslim terrorist (under the US’s 2012 National Defense Authorization Act) and be detained indefinitely in a “Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison” (© Office Space), where he can finally enjoy the assraping he spends so much time fantasising about.

            • Nihal P says:

              No doubt your father was a good man, Colman; may God have mercy on his stool. Surely, if he were alive today, Mango’s Sinhala-Buddhist mother could give him a BJ in exchange for a color TV. Of course, Mango’s mother would have to compete with Manjula’s mother, in which case your father would have to compensate any loss of income with the usual bottle of arrack. Nothing like arrack to appease an IQ of 75.

            • Manjula says:

              “……… if he were alive today, Mango’s Sinhala-Buddhist mother could give him a BJ in exchange for a color TV. “……………..Looks like Nihal’s own experience on his parents is talking loud !

              “Of course, Mango’s mother would have to compete with Manjula’s mother, in which case your father would have to compensate any loss of income with the usual bottle of arrack. Nothing like arrack to appease an IQ of 75.”………………Thanks Nihal for sharing your own experiences even further. Generally people assume on others based on their own experiwences. Ha ha, you gave out more and more infor about your IQ etc, which we already knew from your disorientated crap.

              By the way Nihal, are you married and have children ( of your’s)? I am asking because if the answer is “yes” then you also are a “father” and you married to a “mother” of your children (you may assume). Now think about your low-life insults to “mothers” and “fathers” where you are also one.

              You are certainly in need a brain surgery, I think a triple-by-pass surgery may not be enough for the amount of stress, hatred and anger you put through your body and soul everyday.

      • Manjula says:

        Ha Ha ! Nihal, Sorry darling, Looks like my words went right through your anal canal also making a lot of pain felt in your empty scull. Sorry about that.

        Also it appears that you consede defeat at my comments since you had no factual answer other than trying to attack my great mother who created me to attack pretending pandits like you who happened to be a reject in Sri Lanka. Poor you had to leave Sri lanka with anger, and you may continue to clean toilets in the US. It is OK. It’s another job anyway.

        You made my mother very proud. Thank you Nihal sweetie! However you made your mother felt ashamed about your total failure to make an impact in Sri Lanka. What a waste are you!

        I am taking a leaf out of Colman’s book and taking you here for a fun-ride. Thanks darling, and awaiting another dog bark back from you “little old woman”.

        • Nihal P says:

          What is a scull? Did you learn your spelling from Mahavamsa?

          Impact in SL? Hehehe. Santa Claus in a yellow bikini couldn’t make an impact in SL, given the variety of sorry jokers living there. Add Irish jokers like Colman to the mix, and it’s a full house.

          No one is cleaning toilets here, or digging in the dirt for gems or begging tourists for money, to go and buy arrack, or selling their children to tourists at Negombo beach. Such honors are reserved for the Sinhala-Buddhists, the greatest bunch of beggars and crooks I have come across.

          • Mango says:

            Oh. My. God. Having being shown to be a complete cretin, Nihal/Heshan/Observer is now reduced to insulting other people’s mothers! 🙂 🙂 So, let’s examine this moron’s background.

            Nihal/Heshan/Observer claims that “Women who marry more than three times are whores.”

            How does he know this and what’s the basis for this bizarre claim? A reasonable person can only conclude that Nihal’s speaking from personal experience and his own mother is a thrice-married “whore”. Whores are more likely to catch venereal diseases like syphilis and gonorrhoea and both can be transmitted to foetuses. Both diseases cause severe mental illness including dementia. A perfect explanation for Nihal/Heshan/Observer’s general stupidity and cretinism.

            An unfortunate consequence of Sri Lanka’s ban on abortion is that Nihal/Heshan/Observer’s mother had no choice but to give birth to him rather than visiting a back-street abortionist. Perhaps she was too busy getting re-married or satisfying horny customers.

            Nihal/Heshan/Observer’s meagre IQ is best demonstrated by his beliefs which include:
            “North Korea is not a member of the UN.”
            “US won the Vietnam War.”
            “Neither England nor Germany nor India have a President.”
            “Ranil Wickramasinghe wasn’t elected in 2001.”
            “Hitler actually won WW2.”
            “Japan doesn’t have a military.”
            “Humans evolved from chimps”. Ha ha ha ha!

          • Manjula says:

            Hello Nihal,

            Thanks for checking my spelling, I am glad I gave you the task and you came up with the correct answer. Yes it should have spelt as “Nihal’s empty skull” , I guess you are happy now. Just to add to the insult, morons like you probably think Mahavansa is written in English. No, it was written in Pali and various people later translated into many more other languages and no, it is not an English text book to learn English from. I do not admire your lack of knowledge there. Mahavansa only shows the tip of the iceburg of the great history and heritage Sri lankans carry today from their great ancestry which was destroyed by western hypocrits who you lick the back sides of. You obviously who was a “reject” from Sri lanka would like to sling mud at Sri lanka at every opportunity and are a very predictable creature.

            I am sure you had stepped on your tail when you said “Impact in SL? Hehehe. Santa Claus in a yellow bikini couldn’t make an impact in SL, ….” Just usual nonsense from a disorientated reject. What the hell are you talking about?

            I am sure you were right when you said “No one is cleaning toilets here…” . Yes you were right, they don’t clean toilets because you do it for them.

            By the way, you are spitting while looking up and all your spit is falling back on your ugly face when you said “….. digging in the dirt for gems or begging tourists for money, to go and buy arrack, or selling their children to tourists at Negombo beach. Such honors are reserved for the Sinhala-Buddhists, the greatest bunch of beggars and crooks I have come across.” Well, as you know very well, until you kill yourself and get reborn as a cow in your next life, you cannot wash-off your Sinhala-ness you inherited from birth. Therefore when you say “Sinhalese are the greatest bunch of beggers and crooks” you include yourself right at the centre of your insult. The good thing is that at last you admit you are also a “great begger and a great crook”, which I knew already anyway.

            You were insulting Buddhists too and that is possibly because you are not a Buddhist but a myth-believer. That’s your problem darling. Such insults to Buddhists are also very predictable from any rejected moron.

            By the way, you forgot to mention and to insult my mother and father this time. What happened to your usual low life?

            • Nihal P says:

              Are you a standardization prodigy, by any chance? Your English grammar is abhorrent.

              “Yes it should have spelt as” — > Did you mean “it should have been spelled as?”

              “various people later translated into many more other languages” — > WHAT? I didn’t know people can be translated into languages. Is this a miracle performed by your Jathika Chinthanaya master Nalin?

              “Sri lankans carry today from their great ancestry” — > ??? Carry today from?

              “it is not an English text book” Do you mean textbook? A book and a text may be the same thing (every book is a text but not every text is a book).

              “great ancestry which was destroyed by western hypocrits” What is a hypocrit? Do you mean hypocrite? You must have a really *great* ancestry, given your inability to master basic spelling and grammar.

              “you cannot wash-off your Sinhala-ness you inherited from birth.” —> Actually, I’m a Christian Burgher, so I could care less for rubbish like “Mahavamsa.” Only fools like you who are unable to comprehend modern genetics and evolutionary patterns rely on fictional accounts of lions mating with women to establish some kind of bogus identity.

              “You were insulting Buddhists too and that is possibly because you are not a Buddhist but a myth-believer.” — > Sinhala-Buddhism is the biggest myth. What has it accomplished in 2500 years? A nation of beggars, housemaids, and retards such as yourself who blindly believe in Mahavamsa.

            • Mango says:

              Don’t worry about Nihal/Observer/Heshan who speak fewer languages than Kanzi, the famous bi-lingual chimpanzee. When Padraig tried to educate him on the correct use of the apostrophe, Nihal’s priceless reply was “As I said, I don’t care for grammar and other such trivialities”.

              Nihal’s poor education proves that his mother wasn’t turning tricks fast enough to pay for a decent overseas education. I bet you she’s wishing that she’d aborted him when she had the chance. Aiyoooo, pau, neda?. 🙂 🙂

            • Manjula says:

              Mango, I am simply taking the “hamburger” for a long donkey ride. It is fun, as Coleman once said. I don’t give a dead rat’s ass about his comments, they are not related to the topic Thanks for the support.

            • Mango says:

              Manjula, the thing is that Nihal/Observer/Heshan makes such patently idiotic remarks, who knows or cares whether he’s a Christian Burgher or Sri Lankan Kaffir. What is beyond doubt is that he/she/it is a total and utter retard.

            • Manjula says:

              Great Nihal the rejected “hamburger” who surprisingly adopted a Sinhala name that he hates. Just because I am a proud Sinhalese Buddhist I don’t give two hoots about English grammar or spelling that you want to worship. I know my heritage and I am very proud of it and I am not suffering from any inferiority complex like you do.You the Sri Lankan reject cannot come even close to my great knowledge in Sinhalese grammar, vocabulary and spellings. Who cares about a foreign language. I guess you are not very good in Mandarin or German in the same way. However I am very proud of my little English knowledge because you understood exactly what I told you and that is all what I wanted. English or any other language is for communication, not to wear as a piece of jewellery. Therefore you proved that I have “enough” skills in English to pass a message to you and that is more than enough for me.

              OK, engilish maaster you eniglish good. vary goood! plece you corekt my engilish and me thanc you vary much. Why you dont liking sinhalise? i kno you marid chinese woman seling steel funichre. You chinese woman not talking goood engilis? No poblam. You teech her goood engilis. hovever this artikle is not about engilis. You standing on you big tail I thinc. you my darlin must write on the topik and not the about other thins bekause you have the foool head.

              Me thanc you to again for corekting my engilis and pleese give your back me to donky ride more on you back. It is vari vari fun thing to mee.

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  10. Mango says:

    Charles/Heshan/Nihal is making perfect sense. 🙂 He exhibits all the traits of latent homosexuality including paranoid delusions, rage and anxiety. It’s only a matter of time before his Oedipal issues also surface – if they already haven’t. 🙂 🙂

    “…Psychoanalysts use the concept of repressed or latent homosexuality to explain the emotional malaise and irrational attitudes exhibited by individuals who feel guilty about their erotic interests and struggle to deny and repress homosexual impulses…. when these individuals are placed in a situation that threatens to excite their own unwanted homosexual thoughts, they may overreact with panic, anger, or even murderous rage.

    “It is commonly agreed among most researchers that anxiety about homosexuality … usually involves individuals who are ostensibly heterosexual and have difficulty coming to term with their homosexual feelings and impulses.”

    Time for another Charles/Heshan/Nihal explosion in a fit or righteous angers against his Sinhala-Buddhist, non-Christian tormentors.

    • padraigcolman says:

      Even Sinhala Buddhist tormentors who were brought up as Irish Catholic paedophile alcoholics.

  11. padraigcolman says:

    I would like to register my strong objections to Mango’s politically incorrect use of the word “retard”. Retards have rights and they do not deserve to be compared to Nihal.

    • Mango says:

      You’re correct. A retard isn’t responsible for his own condition. It’s just bad luck with the genes, no? So Nihal/Observer/Heshan, being the son of a “thrice married whore” mother probably doesn’t even know who his real father is.

      How about oxygen thief? I mean, you’d had to have been starved of oxygen during pregnancy to make a statement like this:

        Nihal Perera
        October 15, 2011 • 7:50 pm

      “It is true that Ranil became PM, but that is a largely ceremonial, meaingless position, compared to the position of PM in India or UK.” Note the typo…. 🙂 🙂

    • Manjula says:

      I also agree. Retards do have much more IQ than Nihal, the “ham”-burger. Mango, you were very right when you mentioned about the “Sri lankan Kaffir”. At the end, “Burgher” is the “modern” name used by the Sri lankan Kaffirs.

      However I refute Nihal’s claim that he is a Christian. He can’t be a Christian when he delivers so much hatred towards others. He got to be a unique myth-believer (KKK style) even though he is trying to score some sympathy and support by pretending to be a Christian. Basically by pretending to be a Christian, he is insulting Christians. Just because someone found a “label”, they are not really what is meant by the label. Basically they are “rejects” or “factory seconds” trying to pretend as the true thing.

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