Ken Livingstone’s has Bus Bomber Vote in the Bag.

A UK coroner’s inquest into the 7th July London Tube & Bus bombing, when UK Jihadi suicide bombers murdered 52 Londoners has finally delivered a verdict of ‘unlawful killing’. Thanking the traumatized survivors who gave evidence, the coroner said “during the course of hearing evidence I ran out of superlatives in describing the courage and heroism of many who survived.”

Ken with his favourite dead terrorist.

British politicians are circling media outlets like planes trying to land at Heathrow, expressing their sorrow and outrage at this act of suicide terrorism. The ex-mayor of London and longtime LTTE supporter Ken Livingstone, described the suicide bombings as “a criminal act on a horrific scale” and “an act of mass indiscriminate murder aimed at Londoners regardless of creed, colour or background.”

Jihadi terrorists blow up London buses in July 2007 and murder 52 London commuters.

Livingstone’s selective condemnation of suicide terrorism is understandable given his open support for Sri Lanka’s (now vanquished) Tamil Tiger terrorists. Ken loves attending ‘Tamil Heroes Day’ LTTE memorials in London which glorify its suicide bombers, who murdered thousands of civilians (regardless of their creed or background) in Sri Lanka.

Ken, wearing the poisonous flower of Eelam, glorifying the LTTE at their 'Heroes Day' in 2010

Livingstone declared his “unrelenting support for the Tamil people’s struggle”, in November 2010. Eager to secure London Eelam votes, he proudly wore a Gloriosa Lily (the official national flower of Eelam Tamils which is poisonous if directly ingested – and that’s a fact) on his jacket.

Via proxy:

Ken declared that he would “wear it [the National Flower of Eelam] as a badge of pride.” To reinforce his Eelam vote grab, Ken reminded the audience that “in eighteen months time when I am running for election in this city again, and I will wear it [the National Flower of Eelam] as a badge of pride.”

Bombing Public Transport – Highlights of Ken’s ‘Tamils Heroes’ at work

Remember, Ken promised his ‘unrelenting support’  for the Tamil struggle – regardless of how many children had to die in bus and train bombs in Sri Lanka.

An LTTE bus bomb kills 25 Colombo commuters, in April 2008. Ken's 'unrelenting support' for the Tamil people’s struggle, in action

In February 2008, the entire baseball team from a multi-lingual school (i.e. including Tamil kids) was murdered in a LTTE suicide bomb attack.

LTTE suicide bomber murders 12 commuters at Colombo central station, Feb 2008. Ken's 'unrelenting support' for the Tamil people’s struggle, in action

The end result of Ken’s ‘unrelenting support’ for bus bombers. Children murdered in “an act of mass indiscriminate murder” … “regardless of creed, colour or background.”

Ken promises Trafalgar Square to a mass murderer

During the 2008 mayoral elections Ken pledged that after his re-election he would allow Eelamists to celebrate the LTTE leader’s birthday at Trafalgar Square, “so that Londoners in all their diversity can come and see and be part of what you have brought to this city.” Quite.


Prabhakaran’s cause, responsible for murdering two democratically elected heads of state (the Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and President of Sri Lanka Premedasa) and many other politicians, was to be feted by this most communally minded Labour politician. Livingstone lost the mayoralty to Boris Johnson, but will be a candidate in 2012. Ken’s ‘unrelenting’ support for bus bombers in Colombo must not be forgotten.

4 Responses to Ken Livingstone’s has Bus Bomber Vote in the Bag.

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  2. Scott says:

    this is a conspiraceh

    ken livingstone is a smelly ass wipe

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